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Personally I think that homemade fuck  toys may be the best toys ever. Because people who manufactures toys don't really think about your needs and preferences. So you can design your own toys much easier and better. Even if you will not manage to make something great you still can try to do this and to have a lot of fun.

The best thing in homemade fuck  toys is a process where everybody can be involved.

I would like to discuss with you several homemade toys that are the art of homemade fuck  toys.

Well first of all I have to say that Kiev escort girl love dating and can make any vegetable a perfect fuck  toy. The best vegetable for this is cucumber that can be peeled to the best size. If you want very soft feelings you may boil the vegetables.

During Kiev sex dating you may use soft banana and take it into condom. And of course you may put it in your microwave or fridge if you wanna have new feelings.

You should always use condoms so that nothing could stuck in your vagina or cause some infection.

Another variant of fuck  toy is to masturbate in the banana peel, pie, balloon, pillow and pastry. If you wanna try this you should pick some fruit or whatever you want to play with and masturbate there. Be careful with sharp edges. And use condom to remain clean afterwards. Avoid acid fruit's and things that could hurt your skin.

Ukraine escort girls advise a game. You and your partner go to the nearest hardware store and take everything that may be used as fuck  toy. When you bring everything home you partner will have to imagine what to do with the things you have bought and vice versa.

You will be surprised but almost everything may be used as a toy in your funny  games during tour. Common sense will tell to avoid stuff with sharp edges and things that may damage skin. Also think about possible allergies and some parts that may remain inside your body. You should be careful with your wishes and desires and everything will be just fine.


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