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Are the pictures on the girls' profile pages real?
Absolutely. There are some escort agencies out there who lie with fake pictures - we don't.. We respect our clients, we don't cheat them, if you have any problems with the escorts we can find a suitable replacement.

Why the price near some profiles of women is tagged with a discount?
From time to time all profiles of escorts are getting to the special category Hot Offers. It doesn’t mean that some women are more popular than the others. It’s just an agency policy — sooner or later all escorts get a discount as one of the hottest offers. You may ask the “discounted” escorts for a date without any prejudice or fear.

Do students and girls with the education at the university level work for your agency?
Yes, almost 90% of our girls — students or already have the university education. We try to work only with girls who know the basic or fluent English to speak with foreign customers. That’s why we prefer to work with students or with the girls who already have the higher education. It’s always fun to have a date with our escorts — they are young, educated and very beautiful.

Is it possible to order an escort for the early morning or late evening?
Yes, it’s possible. But the morning can’t be too early and the evening can’t be very late J The early morning limit is 8 am. The latest evening time is 00:30 am. If you order for the early morning, you need to do confirm it with a manager during the previous evening.

Can I have sex with a girl in my car?
Yes, it’s possible if you are our loyal customer with good reputation among escorts. If you are a newcomer you’ll probably get a refusal.

How often girls undergo the medical tests?
The medical tests for HIV, Hepatitis B/C and syphilis are obligatory before starting to work at our agency. The already working escorts undergo the medical tests once every 3-6 months. We are the only Ukrainian escort agency with real results of medical tests, because we take care of our workers, customers and reputation. Your health is in reliable hands.

How many clients an escort meets per day?
We try to arrange no more than 1 meeting for a woman per 24 hours. Occasionally, 2 meetings are possible but then the girl takes a day-off on the next day. It’s important for a successful date to let a customer and a girl to get satisfaction. Tired look and mechanical work are excluded in our case. We strive for the mutual satisfaction between clients and escorts!

How long do the girls work at your escort agency?
All our escorts are going through the probationary period during 2 weeks. If she receives good reviews from customers without any complaints — she remains to work at the agency for the period from 2 months to 1 year. Frequently girls are taking a vacation or temporarily leave the job of an escort, but then they come back to work. That’s why it’s a high chance of meeting the girl who previously worked at our agency.

Is it necessary to give an advance notice about additional services with discussing your order with a manager by phone/online?
It’s obligatory! If you don’t give an advance notice about adding a special service (like Anal or Couple escort/Family couple, double penetration, lesbian or video shooting), the escort won’t provide this service under any circumstances.

Is it possible to prolong the date with the girl?
It’s possible but you need to call back the manager and discuss this nuance. If the girl has no another date at the same day, your meeting will go on.

What payment methods do the escorts accept?
Cash is the preferred form of payment our sexy models accept. However, we can arrange payment with Western Union money transfer before the booking.

Can I talk to escort before ordering?
No, you can not. In most cases, speaking with an escort before placing an order is against the agency policy as it puts the girl in an awkward situation. If after such a conversation a prospective client decides to change his mind and cancel the order, it may look as if the girl said something wrong or tried to “work out a deal” directly with the client. Either way, it doesn't make her look good in the eyes of the employer.

Do any of the girls do BDSM and fetishes?
Our beautiful ladies have many special gifts and unexpected talents, so please do not be shy and feel free to call for more information. All the members of our staff are courteous and friendly, so as long as your request is within the legal limit's of state and federal laws - speak up and we will do our best to fulfill your fantasies. 

I am married. I cannot give you my phone number ?
We understand your problem. It is often the case with people like you who are not accustomed to arranging meetings with escorts. All agencies always require a private or professional phone number for obvious reasons of security and to avoid whimsical appointments. A great number of gentlemen are married and have no hesitation in giving their number. Remember that our site is public, and that we are subject to a professional code of confidentiality. Under such conditions, what is there to fear ? Simply, tell us to contact you very discreetly and at a specified time exactly. If a woman's voice which answers, we just hang up or say "Sorry, wrong number". You can also give us your professional phone number or your GSM Phone number or the phone of your hotel with your number room. You can rest assured that after our meeting, We will not preserve any personal information about you. We are very sorry that, if after taking account of all these considerations, you still fell unable to tell us a phone number so as to organize a meeting, we will therefore be unable to fulfil your request.

Do girls accept relations without condoms ?
Our girls completely healthy and they are determined to remain so ! That doesn't means that, even for blow-job, they use a condom.

What are incalls and outcalls?
If you book an escort for an outcall appointment, she comes to you - she can meet you at your home or hotel,
and join you for dinner, theatre, or whatever you choose. For an incall you visit her at her Kiev apartment. Outcall appointments tend to be a little longer than incalls, because our clients often like to take their escort girls for dinner, or to some sort of show or event. The minimum booking is for one hour - beyond that, you can hire an escort (or escorts) for as long as you want.

How far in advance do I need to book?
You can make a booking on the same day, you can book online or by phone. Call us 2-3 hours before the meeting. If you would like to book in advance that is also an option. Booking in advance is a good option to secure a date with the escort girl of your choice at the time most convenient to you.

Can I book more than one girl at a time?
Of course. Not all of our escort girls are open minded, but please call us if you have a specific request.

Are the girls' fees negotiable?
Sorry, they're not. The ladies we represent are professional escorts.
They use their professional skills to make a living in the same way your lawyer or accountant does - would you haggle with them? The only circumstances under which negotiation might take place is if you were taking one of our escorts out for a longer period than is listed on her scale of fees. In such a situation we would expect to discuss the price with you.
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