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Did you know that some women are capable to experience orgasm only through clitoral stimulation? That is why the stimulation of this organ is a very important task of every caring man.

What is the best way to stimulate clitoris? Well, for example so called Butterfly is a small stimulator with convenient straps that may be worn during intim. It is very cool to have free hands and to be free to investigate your partner's body while receiving stimulation.

The toy named Dolphin will be a pleasure for both partners during the intercourse. It is actually a jelly cock ring with clit stimulator. Man may enjoy this toy by restricting blood flow from penis. As the result guy feels nice pressure upon orgasm.

Sex toy store in Kiev also offers Stretch Cock Ring that is highly recommended for men and women. This is one more jelly ring that is just like cock ring for guys and at the same time it has stubs for ladies' pleasure. It is a small toy that provides a lot of pleasure especially when woman is on top and can rub herself against stubs.

Plugs for butt that are available in toy store in Kiev may be used during the intercourse as well. The real and huge pleasure may be achieved in the combination with other stimulators. Experienced people know that it is advisable to take time to insert it for the first time.

It is doubtless that without lubrication intim may be quite painful experience. To avoid pain it is better to use the best lubricants.

If you are using condom it would be wise to take water based lubricant that lasts long and may be used under water. 

For those people who like to make oral in condoms it is highly recommended to use lubricants with different sweet flavors.

Sex toy store include not only toys and additional stuff like lubricants. You may also buy condoms to make your safe and secured. There are many brands that take care of your pleasure that you will definitely find something to your taste.

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