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I meet my client in Obryons Irish pub in Kiev

Hello, I am the escort Kiev lady. I usually meet my clients in Obryons Irish pub. I like this pub and when I am waiting for the client I prefer to notice what mistakes men make in the clubs when that want to get closer to some lady.

Well, first of all I need to tell that men that come alone without friends there may be called lonely psychos. For many men meeting Ukrainian escort courtesans at clubs is a problem and a challenge. So they prefer other places, but acquaintance with females at clubs can be much easier.

It is awful when men come alone and does not know anyone else in this pub. And it seems like everyone else is enjoying. He walks around the club and he has nothing else to do but checking out all the girls. Guy gets bored and gets a drink. Then he is drinking slowly his beer. After he gets tires and thinks that it was a wrong club he leaves and seeks a new place. Unfortunately, the same thing happens again next time.

The actual problem is in men's behavior. When he enters a pub, females see that he came alone. They make a note that he is alone and lack social value. Women give social value by how great the females and guys he is with.

But in reality when man walks into the pub or club for the first time it is a great chance to shape ladies first impression of him. That is why most guys prefer not to meet prostitutes in clubs. It may be too hard for them. The secret is in knowing what to do.

When man enters the door he should smile, cause many prostitutes look at the door to check the guys coming in.

Then seek for the affable set of prostitutes. Don't seek for a lonely woman, cause there won't be one. Man should talk to these models. It will look like he has friends. Other women will immediately give a man higher social value - because they have got no idea that he only met these girls. They will note this fact and will be more open to talk with guy themselves. This is even not a conscious thing. It is just something that women do without thinking about this.

After that man will be able to meet other girls and his chances will be higher.

And, if you are not sure whether you will meet a girl in a pub, you should just call to the escort agency and everything will be settled.

Veronika from Obryons Irish pub

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