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We got used that anal fuck Ukraine is something amoral. But still more and more men and women open this kind of sexual activity for themselves. And this is good because first of all many of us can get some new information about part of the body that is mostly being mystery for many of us.

And also this area of body should not be ignored. We may enjoy making anal fuck Ukraine. Bum, rectum and anus respond to our feelings. Touches can give us a lot of pleasure.

You know, there is still a taboo about anal fuck Ukraine and if partners decide to talk about this it will help them to increase the intimacy between them.

Fear and ignorance do not allow you to enjoy anal fuck  though you may discover many new ways of satisfaction.

For the first time you should relax and explore anal opening, canal, prostate gland. You should find out what feels good and what is not too good. Relax, breathe and continue very slowly and gently. If it hurts try not to force it. Pain must tell you that something is not right.

Listen to Ukraine escort girls advice and open your mind to something new. You can touch with fingers, lips, tongue. You can even use some toys. Don't forget that you can make fantasies and dirty talks.

Lining of anus is extremely sensitive to damage. You should be very cautious. Toys from sex shop Kiev should be smooth and have no jagged edges. You may use dildos with flared base. Always use lubricants because anus can not make own lubrication.

Never put anything form anus to vagina. Bacteria will be glad to start new life in vagina. Always use new condoms and wash toys. It also concerns the cases when after anal fuck  you would love to have oral one. Be attentive to your Kiev escort partner and try not to get her ill.

Manager of shop Alina.

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