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You met at swing dance club and slept with him on Your First Date: what to do?

I'd like to talk about not so rare cases when we have intim with guys after the first meeting. What should you do if you liked him and wanna meet him again in swing club? Experienced girls form Kiev escorts can give us pieces of good advice.

I am not speaking about the dates when you and your partner met another couple in Kiev swing dance club, because than you all will know what to expect from this night. I want to discuss the moments when two people have met and expect to have relations that will last more than one night in swing dance club.

Sex after the firs date usually happens if he did everything perfectly and your kiss started a fire in booth of you

So, it has happened and you feel frustrated, because you think you'll never see him again. Calm down! You did nothing wrong. And now I want to give you some tips about what to do if your firs date ended in bed.

First of all you need to be self-confident. Of course he may think that all your dates end in bed, but don't give him any explanations. I assure you, he heard different explanations before and he will expect to hear them. So, don't become one of many girls he meet during sex tours. Never make excuses.

Don't try to commit to a second date. Just put on your clothes and say that your will have a very busy day tomorrow. Even if he invites you to stay for breakfast and you agree don't start talking about second meeting. Choose some neutral topic.

Before you go home give him a kiss and say that you had a great time. Than leave and wait for him to call you. Otherwise he will notice your insecurity. If the date and fuck were great he won't judge you negatively on that, but anyway he will judge you on your after-fuck behavior.

When he contacts you everything will depend on what he says. Don't agree to have another date in your or his apartment. Tell him that you don't wish your second date end in bed. Say that you wanna know him better. Decent man will understand his mistake. Indecent guy is not worth you anyway. If you decide to have another date never end it with fuck. Otherwise he will see your uncertainty and your desperate desire to hold him with fuck. Kiss him but nothing else. You have to make him to respect you and want for more.

Of course you can avoid these problems by not making love on your first date. But there is nothing terrible in being passionate woman like Ukraine escort girls. And, besides, every good sex enlarges man's ego. He will be happy to know that you like him and he's a good lover.

So, use protection and have fun!


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