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In this article I would like to talk about pegging and it's peculiarities. Pegging usually refers to anal fuck. The difference is that Ukraine escort girl penetrates a man with the help of strap on dildo harness. The word “pegging” became popular in 2001. In this year Dan Savage won a competition in Savage Love column. After his victory people began to use the word “pegging” in fuck  shops and in world sex guide Kiev. It refers to people who carry stuff like strap on harnesses.

Pegging is a brilliant idea for straight couples who are looking for more feelings and who want to find out some new information is as accessible way as possible.

After the straps on dildo harness were released, two instructional books have seen the world. This was the growth of the pegging popularity. 

There is no statistics about how many people like pegging. Maybe it has already become the more popular game. Most anal statistics that were gathered between straight couples never have bothered the question who is being penetrated. Men may say that they had anal fuck  but nobody asked them if they were penetrators or on the contrary.

At the same time I have to mention that fuck  shops often report that they have growth in sales of anal toys to straight couples and Kiev escorts. Couples are mostly interested in man anal play.

Like every kind of activity pegging can be extremely pleasurable and safe activity. But everything should be done properly. Many homosexual or straight men have psychological difficulties connected with anal fuck . And pegging during tours can help men to realize that anal fuck  may be very pleasurable and intimate. There is nothing wrong in searching for new ways of satisfaction. Remember: each pegging needs lubricants, patience and communication.

So, don't fear to try something new. Good luck!

Manager of company " World sex guide ", Anna.

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