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  If you're going to Kiev, it's quite problematic to find a good place to stay, especially if you don't like hotels. Kiev is more than full with hotels and mini-hotels, also with hostels, but for businessman who travels the world it's probably one of the most hated places ever. When you're travelling a lot, you want to find a corner somewhere that would remind you of your homeplace. It's so much easier to do if you have a possibility to rent a flat. Rental can be paid for weeks, or even for days or hours - you don't need to stay here for months to get a good place to live in. If you want a daily rent, you just need to contact one of agencies who give flats like these to their clients and offer them some really worthy places to live in.

Comfortable flat Kyiv 

  Kiev-tour agency offers some apartments too. We want our clients to stay in places that would remind them of home, but in the same time try to stick to hotel's rules and policy of treating clients the best possible way. So if you want to live in cozy and beautiful place, yet you need someone who would clean this place and do the laundry for you, you should choose our agency to give you the pack of best services possible. 

Elite flat in down town 

  Before we offer our clients some worthy place to stay in, we try to know everything about their preferences. It's often that businessmen have absolutely no time at all, even to take a look at the photos of apartments. So that's when our managers try to find out what flat do these people need. If you want a flat that will not be very expensive and will save your money - we have flats like that. Otherwise you can choose an apartment that will be totally luxurious. Of course, we also got middle-class apartments that are not so luxurious but can offer you a cozy own space and beautiful interior. We try to keep the high class of services and interior in each flat, because even if you order a very economic one, you also deserve to live with maximal comfort. The difference is in using high-end technique and beautiful furniture. Also flats with higher prices have real individual designed interior, so you will totally live in a place that's worth paying for. 



bad-room on Basseynaya Str

apartment for rent in Kyiv

  If you can't decide what flat should you choose, you have to talk to our manager. We have professional workers that will try to find you something you will definitely appreciate. We always aim for the best results and never stop until our client is fully happy. Also we know that our clients rent flats from our agency to order girls that will cheer them up, so we try to offer flats with maximal sound-isolation. So if you want your privacy to stay on the maximal level possible, you have to choose our apartments.
We also try to make your apartment comfortable in each possible way, so you will have a possibility to watch TV any time you need it or use internet. We know that our clients are very busy with their work, so we try to provide them high-speed internet, most of the time - Wi-Fi not to be glued to one place in the apartment. So you can use your laptop in each corner of our flats in Kyiv. 

 new apartment of Kiev-tour agency

  The only thing we ask from our clients is to make sure that they make their orders in a right time. We can't take your order in 4-6 days before you come, because we can't be sure that the apartment you liked will be free on these dates. So we ask you to make an order in a week or few days before your arrival. But not later! If you have some extra-wishes about your flat, you need to tell them to our manager - we will try to fulfill each one of your wishes and offer you a great service you'll remember for long after your stay. Don't forget to call some of Kiev-tour girls to make your vacation or business trip even more pleasant!

flat in the center

Kitchen 1

Kitchen 2

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