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two black-and-white photos

"You did not lose there time!" - I have told with some feeling of envy.
"Yes! - they have smiled -" It there was an unforgettable trip "
My girlfriend has turned to me: "Now show the erotic photos!".

I have got into a case and have taken two black-and-white photos. It is everything, that at us was from the category of a family sensuality. On one shot I stood a back to the chamber hardly having turned a head towards the photographer, to make out it was possible only my back and a small slice of a breast. On other - I have been removed faced to the chamber, sitting on a sofa and closing a breast by hands. Till now it were the most erotic photos in my life. Our friends long considered and discussed these shots, that me has a little confused. In result, my back has been recognised by worthy admiration, and skill of the photographer named poor-quality.

The men excited with cognac and raised seen, have suggested to correct there and then such injustice under the relation to me. It was tempting. Suddenly to death it wanted to me to have the same photos, as at the girlfriend. This idea too very much was pleasant to my man. He has suggested me to copy poses of the girlfriend. He very much would like to look at photos again.

I was ready to argue, that it has already presented me adhered to a bed, with the lowered shorts. Having left men to drink cognac and to exchange photographic experience, we with on of girls have gone to a bedroom to find to me clothes for shooting.

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