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If you are planning to travel to UA you are to visit the cultural capital of the country - Lviv.

This status is quite official and the main reasons for that are more than hundred festivals annually, sixty museums, hundred churches, and the big tourist interest in the city.

For the past several years the tourist stream has increased greatly. And now this city welcomes more than a 1.000.000 people every year. The reason for popularity of Lviv is hidden in the attractiveness of the city it'self and the hospitality and beauty of local girls. Lviv ladies are claimed to be the most attractive and intelligent women in the country and in the world. Men from Russia, Poland, Austria, Germany, USA and Belarus arrive to UA and to Lviv particularly.
Lviv is a combination of art, music, literature and theatre in the country. It is rich with concert halls, theaters, artistic activities. The unique union of the past and the present can be experienced only in Lviv. You have a chance to see festivals, paintings, frescos, traditions, feasts the way we see it.

Every Lviv lady will gladly come up with rich cultural program that may include cafés, restaurants, night clubs and so on. 

It should be mentioned that Lviv is a large and important educational center with 23 educational institutions. Many students here study languages to practice with foreigners as Lviv girls. So, if you are planning to use services of ladies in Lvov be prepared to see nice-looking and smart girls.

Lviv has invented several nice city-feasts like Coffee and Chocolate feasts, The Day of Batyar and so on. People in Lviv know how to have fun. And they have concerts and festivals practically every week.

Don't forget to grab you camera and take a trip to Lviv. This city will not disappoint you.

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