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Places for touching on bodies (part 1)

Elite men are usually very conventional in sex. They know some erotic areas on the bodies of models and usually go no further. But we'll tell you a secret that there are some more erogenous spots on a lady's body besides breasts, vagina and butt.

Men have to remember they can easily make their chic from intim service play dirty, if they know which buttons to push.


Hair is very important for every woman. That's the reason they visit hairdressers so often. They relive stress and pain and bad mood when they have their stylized and cut and dyed. This way they also try to change something in their life. But when a gentle man gives a Kyiv prostitute tender touch on her hair, she's excited even more. A bit of massage on a female's temples and she's melting in strong and confident man's hands.

Nape of the neck

When a male lover reaches this place, he'd better give his female several kisses on the nape of the neck. It's a bad habit to underestimate this part of a sexy woman's body because it has a lot of nerve ends situated on it and it might help you to arouse your courtesan more and more.


This area might lead you to such unexpected results with your sex woman, you'll be definitely impressed. How exactly? When the skin on clavicles is licked or kissed or even tenderly touched with a tongue, it causes some trembling, your Kyiv girl will melt down to your legs and shiver with pleasure. Try!

Behind her knees

Most of men have never even had a thought to touch that while they had sex with their gorgeous Pretty Kyiv lady! But the skin there is pretty sensitive. It's worth touching and penetrating. If a man stimulates that area a bit when a couple is in a café or elsewhere, his sexy female lover will be ready to start making love with guy any time after this small penetration.  However don't forget about this particular spot when you are alone in a bedroom while your rest!



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