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Problems of a matrimonial bed

According to skilled sexologists, the most widespread error in a matrimonial life - monotony in an intimate life. Sooner or later, but in home life there comes such period when intimate features of the partner are well enough studied, and consequently making love, spouses use those caresses and methods which it is guaranteed bring positive result. Certainly all it becomes boring, present every day you will eat red caviar, through what that time you can not look at it. The same and in an intimate life. And so your husband go to the Kiev escorts.

Remember always: near to you the beloved! And this man should be tempted and won every day. In a life there is all on another. The wife turns before a mirror and that has added 10 kgs complains to the husband. Or begins to consult on the husband concerning purchase of an anti-cellulite cream. Probably it would like, that the husband has answered: "Favourite, you are fine and sexual!" But husbands why it do not speak that. In your words they do not notice any hints. Also take usually to the wife a word. Time the wife has told, that it old and thick - means so it and is. And who would like to lay down with such thick and old wife in bed? Think, on this theme and draw correct conclusions.

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