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I and my escort friends decided to make a list of body language features, for men to read them carefully and try to guess them during sex with a charming Kiev ladies.

Why is it important to know what a girl feels and thinks? I think you all understand, that if you want to satisfy a lady you should know how she feels every moment of a time you spend in bed with her. That's why every man has to read and listen to the signs that female body sends him.

The signs

Very obvious sign is woman's breath. Rest will be even more fascinating if you hear the constant low but dynamic breath of your Kiev girlfriend. When female partner is aroused, she starts moaning with pleasure, calling a name of her male lover and whispers some erotic words.

Rapid breathing is like an inspiration for more and more pleasure! If ladies really feel great and is ready to cum soon, you'll guess it because of her breathe. Quick puffs and moaning means that her body is going to experience an orgasm soon. While reaching the peak of satisfaction, heart rate increases too. So if after her wonderful orgasm, lots of moans and shouts she doesn't breathe rapidly and her heart beats as usual, she's likely to have faked the pleasure.

If a guy sees that his Ukraina sexy sweet young partner curls her toes and also writhes against him, she is likely to get pleasure of what is happening right at the moment. But if he sees that her body is weak and too calm then possibly nothing exciting is happening for her in one bed with this man. It's important to change the position immediately and start arousing her again.

Beautiful girls always are active in bed. So if two people are having sexual relationship and a girl thrusts hips to meet guy's penis, this means she loves it and wants to get even crazier! Very important feature of really good sex is when people move synchronically. This means they want to match each other and look for good position themselves. Moreover models have lots of initiative and try to help their lovers to move and to make both of them receive lots of sexual joy!


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