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Touch your lady (part 2)

We have already started to discuss those hidden areas on ladies' bodies, which love to be touched and kissed and licked by men before, during and after sex. Some lovers are not aware of those places and cannot satisfy their ladies. That's why sometimes they don't get the same heaven pleasure from busty sluts. But if they touch here

Where to kiss

Women have very sensitive palm of their hands. That's why even if they use their palms to give pleasure and to satisfy their elite clients, they feel joy too. A wise man can use this knowledge to make his Kyiv busty slut cum quickly and with lightning impressions! a guy can even stimulate sexy female's palm in a public place and this won't be rude or offensive to other people. Such stimulation will cause butterflies in her stomach and she'll give it back to you when you are alone!

Earlobes are significant too. For instance, you bite a bit her earlobes to up her bliss factor. She'll moan and beg for clitoris stimulation. Ad vice versa, when your slutty Kyiv female is near to cum, you can kiss her earlobe. This will increase the emotions and feelings. Memorize that putting your tongue in her ear is more disgusting than pleasing! It's not sexy at all and it won't make her fuck you more!

Sexy ladies love to have their feet kissed and licked. I myself adore having guys tongue on my toes. After such actions I beg about his dick in my slutty vagina.

Before sex during petting and stimulation, as after a blowjob I ask a guy to rub my feet so that I can relax and keep the vibe of sexy mood. Sucking toes is good too. It drives me crazy!

Agency provides clients with elite prostitutes, who want to be taken care of. Kissing pelvis tenderly will relax sluts and maintain erotic atmosphere. When this area is paid attention to, a guy has to work with his lips. Slow kissing and mild rubbing with fingers is always pleasant!



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