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Any woman would like, that for the sake of it lost a head, made reckless acts and in general did any nonsenses For the gentleman in this business the main thing to observe "safety precautions" that for imprudence and not to lose at all this head. But the heroism rather nevertheless is necessary, very much ladies are greedy for such special effects. "He has stayed half-nights under my door, well as to me was it not to let in", "It has ordered for the sake of me fireworks, all were in a shock", "It has coped with them to one left, I am shaken" etc.

Women love persevering men. But, unfortunately, it is not enough of them. That for female "is not present" often disappears "yes", to the natures burdened with an inferiority complex, not clearly. You have hardly waited it's invitations to tea and have pro forma shown some indecision, and he has easy given smacking kiss to you in a cheek and with words "Well is fine, then next time" has left. Well not the sadist? And this blockhead has sounded at once a release! Women too love various sex, only hesitate to admit it.

About this fact as well as possible speak anonymous interrogations. From thousand girl 46 % have appeared simply adoring anal and oral sex, 20 % wishes to test delights of unisex love, and practically all (90 %) cherish dream to be given to lust in an unexpected place (wood is especially attractive to female imaginations). The main thing - to find the correct approach to induce the lady on all these "feats" about which it can and thinks in night calm, but to realise is afraid. To persuade her on it - business of the man.

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