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How i have tried anal

My name is Nastia. I wish to tell history about how I have tried anal.

Gleb was my client. Gleb is not the young man. He is the owner of serious firm. He has the wife and two children. He has the normal family, but does not suffice the man some adrenaline.

I have good, cosy apartment in city center. This present is love nest. Gleb comes to me every Tuesday and spends with me evening. These evenings very hot. I like to please with it's small surprises. We have tried different roles. I was the nurse, both the schoolgirl, and a cat, and the strict teacher. These games give us great pleasure.

Once, Gleb has offered new game.

- You will be my slave.
- Ok., - I have agreed. I expected new impressions.
I have laid down on a huge bed and expected the mister. I was mild and obedient. Gleb has approached and has sharply seized me by a neck.
- Stand up! - he ruled.

He has thrown me on a floor before a bed and ordered to kneel and lean against bed edge. He has smeared my ace by oil. I wished to protest, but Gleb has seized me by hair. He has sharply entered into me. I have cried from a pain, but soon the pain has ceased. I have understood, that to me it is very pleasant. Gleb hollowed me and did not allow to move. He has filled in me with sperm.

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