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Problem at pairs which there live together some years is that the former passion in relations is not present, and you are engaged in sex all less often and less often as have got tired, new sensations in an intimate life are not present. All has become boring also a former sexual inclination is not present. How it was possible to them? We give some councils which are given by skilled sexologists, psychotherapists and are simple spouses with the big experience. Sex with girls is a passion, emotions, feelings.

It is possible to compare qualitative sex to a duet: Singers can be arranged the friend a sort of the friend, understand features of other person. In a good duet both participants it is very thin feel the partner. Certainly, sex in 35-40 years at all that sex in 16 or 18 years. In a youth all is much easier - hormones play blood, you can make love all night long, and for the morning to be fresh and vigorous, ahead huge hopes, and you are young, strong and fine. In due course together with a youth and beauty the self-trust leaves also, especially, if the favourite husband regularly reminds you about superfluous kgs, efforts about a family and the husband take away all forces, and the organism asks to allocate superfluous hour or so for a dream, and at all for sex. But all the same sexual satisfaction in the very first turn is connected with the general satisfaction your marriage. If spouses are happy with the intimate relations it creates preconditions on which relations in other spheres develop. It influences success of relations, and full satisfaction sex, in turn, depends on these relations. What to do and how to be? To begin with - to answer it'self a question: whether all is good between you in ordinary daily relations? If is not present - search for that point with which this dissonance has begun, and solve this emotional problem. Many sexologists recommend from time to time spouses which grow cold to sex, viewings which it practised sex of films, married couples, assure, that it really helps.

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