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Romantic date

In this story I share my vision of a romantic date which has to liven up the relationships of any couple.

If you want to add a bit of spices into your relationships because they are a little boring now, you have to think broadly. This means you have to add something new into various areas and spheres of the relationships. Because if there is a problem, it spreads quickly into all the roots and parts of your healthy before love.

Even if you are an elite prostitute you need to refresh and to liven up the relationships with your constant clients. Because if you don't do this, they'll soon find another slutty and sweet lady and will fuck her instead of you.

So begin with your appearance. Change something. Become best blonde if you were a busty brunette before. You can also change something in your manners so that you look differently from the first sight.

When it comes to sex you have to begin with the meetings, with your dates. Make them romantic, or very slutty. It depends on you. You can decorate a room with nice and pretty little things which you buy at the supermarket. Or you can create your original atmosphere in the room and believe me, any guy will be excited and this will influence his sex feeling greatly! Besides this you'll receive more satisfaction too.

So you have to dress up fancy and prepare a tasty food. You can use some aphrodisiacs when you cook. This way it's easy to increase you common sexual desire and heat the air in the room a bit, make it more delicious and fucking like.

Never forget about candles. Some might say it's too trivial and conventional but never mind and remember that anyway candles can change the situation entirely and create more intimate and erotic mood for everyone.

Be original female and think about slutty topic for your conversation during meeting. Think about it beforehand and then only control his thoughts. After you arouse him mentally, you can take off some items of clothes from yourself and starts seducing him this way.


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