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Love at first sight

At the first sight at the woman the majority of men has a sexual inclination to the Kiev woman is it frequently names "love at first sight", actually there is very powerful emission in blood. It is clear, that on it deep attachment will not be, it is only elementary physiological requirement. Original relations and feelings arise on much later.

When the man wants sex with the woman, it usually uses the most different dodges for a seducing - says that she would like to hear, addresses with it how she wants it. Having fascinated the trustful girl or the woman, it inspires at it confidence, that it is favourite, though actually it while is only desired. But, having achieved wished, it loses to it any interest.

The woman certainly strongly is offended by such behaviour of the man. It regards intimate affinity as love, the woman still has unpleasant deposit in a shower as if it used as a thing. As it is sad, but it is fact in certain degree so it and is - the man used it for removal of the sexual pressure.

The man can be got, even having seen an erotic photo or a sexual scene in a film, the flashed slice of a naked body in cut of clothes of the unfamiliar woman, beautiful harmonous feet, a tummy, a breast, and from many similar things. But happens, that the man remains raised enough on long time. When it stays in the raised condition, the physiological discharge urgently is required to it. In that case it will accept practically any Kiev escort woman who has appeared nearby. The constant partner or the girl whom it only looks after can appear it, but can be and that which he sees only for the first time.

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