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There is such wisdom: usually least love gets to those whom we most of all love! Paradox: we do not forget to fall down all problems saved up for a day on the husband, we state it claims, we straighten out it at friends. And where love and tenderness? Spouses who do not forget to express regularly each other tenderness and love, as a rule, do not grow cold in due course to each other and in bed. How for a long time you submitted to the husband of coffee to bed? Said, what love it? And when it rubbed to you a back in a bathroom? Whether you each other speak romantic nonsenses? Each family has in due course the "recipes of good relations". The is more often you show each other the positive emotions, the your sexual bonds will be stronger!

Tired people are engaged in tired sex who from married ladies, did not get to a situation when for weariness very much it would be desirable to sleep, and the husband suddenly starts to show the initiative? You refuse, the husband you takes offence, agree - you lay got tired and stirred up, and in a shower the irritation rises. And happens and on the contrary: you to it with desire, and it have got tired and wishes to sleep. How to be? Give the chance each other is high-grade to have a rest. There are married couples which have solved this question, one send children to the grandmother with the grandfather and in the days off ask acquaintances not to disturb their phone calls and visit's. Some steams who should not hasten early in the morning for work - transfer sex for the morning. Skilled spouses speak, sex is measured not by quantity, and quality: let is much more rare, but "under the full program and it is qualitative"! Do not drag home a problem from work. Try not to take away home documents from work. Phone calls for 1-2 hours too it is recommended to the true girl-friend it is possible to postpone. If you wait for very important call use an answering machine, now to buy it and to learn them to use - not a problem, and you will save a lot of time and forces, will relieve yourself of unproductive dialogue and many small and not important issues. If this day you still had many unresolved working problems, do not plan for this evening intimate relations as thoughts that yet all working problems are solved, will not give you possibility normally to relax.

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