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Sly fellows of the man know, that the cynical offer: Instead of whether it is engaged to us with you sex? - Shocks any woman respecting and consequently use all arsenal of dodges of seduction. What does the man captured by sexual desire undertake to achieve the wished? That the majority of Kiev models and girls regard as hobby, love and even love at first sight: he speaks beautiful compliments and different pleasant nonsenses with erotic underlying reason, admit's love. And it very skilfully combines words with action: touches, embraces, kisses, that the partner too has felt sexual excitation.

The rare woman or the girl will not answer ardent and passionate embraces of the man which has liked it. And the rare woman will not feel thus desire fire, but for it it not simply sex - on the first place there are emotions and feelings which she tests to the given man. If the man to it is absolutely indifferent, it's embraces and kisses will be unpleasant to it. At women the love body is heart, and at men is a sexual member, - so some people consider. In a life of any man cases when he searched in sex of only physical pleasure, simply discharges of sexual pressure took place, the woman in degrees requires emotional aspect of intimate relations. Kisses, touches, it regards embraces of the man as expression of it's feelings.

Very often happens so, that the woman loves the man, and the man loves sex. Therefore females also happen are strongly disappointed, when after the first sexual intercourse the man loses at once to them interest. It can rise and leave, having thrown at parting indifferent so long!, not taking even at the partner the phone number, or can promise to call, but will not call, or can call in three weeks, having told lies, that has been very occupied by work though actually it at all did not recollect, and has recollected only when it once again wanted sex. Romantic declarations of love use the majority of the man only at the first stage of the seduction, some cynical men declare, that gentle words about love are necessary to drag only the girl in bed and after that tenderness words are not so necessary.

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