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Galina's story

It was with Galina. Your voice only has slowed down my actions. I have continued, but to remove them to me it was not possible - you have bared my cat and have clung to it. The new wave of sensations has swept on my body. Your dexterous language moved apart my sponges, getting into me all is deeper. My fingers already fingered nipples, raising me with each such caress all is stronger and stronger. Your lips have clasped mine clit. Sucking, you squeezed his lips and teased a language tip.

Having come off my cat, you kissed me on the mouth. My aroma was perfectly felt on your lips. You covered with kisses my neck and shoulders, something gently whispered me.

My body has even more strongly flared from internal fire when, practically simultaneously, you have slightly squeezed lips an ear lobe, and a free hand began to study my cat. You drove fingers on my sponges, studying that was already known to you. Ironing my hips, you rose above, started to caress a stomach, a breast. I moved towards to your gentle hands. Not all ladies was with such man.

I have turned over on a stomach, and you have released my neck from falling hair of my hairdress. Your hands studied a neck, gradually passing on my shoulders and a back. Being on pleasure peak, I with greed caught each your touch to my body. But having paid to it attention, you have again turned me on a back. Probably, now my eyes have given out all my desires. You have dissolved my feet in the parties. Having put hands on my knees, you have started to slide on my skin. When you have reached my breast, I have felt as the sponges, that you already too close and are going to enter into me. You have begun the movements, accelerating, slowing down them. You postponed the most sweet moment to which both of us aspired throughout all evening, only for one reason. And you did not hasten, did sometimes stops, trying together with me simultaneously to reach the culminations. The wave of orgasm has carried away me together with you on not reached before height...

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