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I am escort. I have girlfriend Liza. Liza is the beautiful cheerful girl. Me and Liza often we walk together. We go to night clubs, on parties, in cafe. Liza tells to me all about the love games. Liza adores men and sex. I too love men. We share erotic impressions. I precisely know, that my girlfriend loves, she prefers what caresses. And Liza knows all about my sexual imaginations. Once I have got acquainted with the nice guy on the Internet. We have agreed about a meeting. In photos Vlad was the beautiful man. I wished to see him in a reality, but I was afraid. Liza has suggested to go on a meeting together with me. I was delighted and has agreed. We have come to cafe. The guy has soon come. Vlad had a beautiful face and a strong body.

We drank wine and talked. Soon we wanted sex. Vlad has suggested to go to it. We three have sat down in the car and have gone. We have entered into apartment and have included music. I and Liza have started to dance and kiss. I wished to kiss Liza so a long time. I knew all her secrets and wished to present to her great pleasure. She licked my breast. I caressed her pussy. We have snatched against each other. Liza groaned from orgasm. I shouted from pleasure. It was what we wanted for a long time. Vlad stood and looked at this show. At last Vlad has joined us. It has entered in Liza. I admired it orgasms and ironed the pussy. We varied roles and took pleasure in this game. This evening was the madman in my life.

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