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So we have finished on the moment when she might feel a bit pain and you have to stop fucking your Kiev escorts redhead from elite agencies. During the anal fuck the most difficult part will be getting past the sphincter.  But when you reach this point you should never hurry through it. The best way is to continue some tender anus penetration, you can also move your fingers to the clitoris and stimulate it. Your Kyiv slutty girl will relax a bit more.

For some men passing through this breaking point is like a great sensation and they can even lose their erection. But it's a bad thing to do. You just have to understand that it's a new environment for your erected penis.

Never start fucking Kyiv female just after you are inside. Let her adjust to your penis in another area of her body. Don't make it disgusting for her but make it pleasing.

Some Ucraina ladies avoid anal fucking because they are afraid for their white-as-snow sheets and they don't want any feel it to be yucky. But you can prepare beforehand. Both partners have to be cleans before anal relationship and of course a girl partner has to be the most attentive to her anus area. Cleaning it right before the fuck isn't a good idea. You'd better do it several hours earlier.
I've met slutty brunettes and blondes who were convinced that anal fucking is only for the bad ladies, very naughty females. But it's possible to assure her another way and sow her that it's an obsolete taboo.

Guys often make the same mistake and show their Kyiv women the example of porn starts who have very rough anal sex without any massage. But it's completely wrong. You won't achieve your goal this way. In porn those slutty and busty blondes and brunettes are so stretched in their sphincters that they never pay attention to the pain. Your sexy lady's anus is gentler so you treat it in a gentle way too.



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