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Dating in River Palace

    One day again stay without the person... Sadly, melancholy, empty. I need Kiev escorts . Has member about my friend on-line. I Have mail... I have consent for dating. I Have agreed simply to descend in River Palace Kiev and to drink Champagne. That evening has come. I have approached at the restaurant in River Palace Kiev, and at an input I have seen a terrible, hairy, odious, vile monster. Wine was strong. I have got drunk. And monster still adds, and I take again. In general when we left River Palace this men said, that in such condition I should be taken to house by a taxi. Lodge in the car.

   Monster said: "I live at the motel today. I need to look at you naked." Have agreed, that just I just will undress and I will go home... Has increase to motel. Big room with a divan and a Huge beds. As agreed, I have undressed, terned and again began to put on. He became fierce and has told "I need fuck you": -Seem you! - he ordered. And the whole hour this men considered me, touched nasty arms. And it was disgusting and nasty! And I obeyed. Then monkey has tumbled down me on a bed and torture started -Why you don't stop? - From last forces I said . - I do not want. I will fuck you while I will lose smell! - he said that and continued to fuck me, as prostitute As Escorts in Kiev. It was terribly! Monster has up, and go away  let alone me to lay bared and spread on the sofa and having thrown on bed some money for a taxi. An two hours later I could reach a bathroom. cleaned- Washed. All body hooted and ached... And in a brain one phrase turned only: "I am River prostitute. I am dirty maid".


By Eva.

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