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• the Majority of men do not love lean and fat, ladies of "average weight" use the greatest popularity.
• not so much sizes and volume, how many the form Are important. Yes, men like the big breast, but shapeless and drooped they, most likely, will prefer smaller on the size but "sticking out".
• the Cellulitis harms to your appearance and sexuality more than additional centimeters. The man will forgive to you excessive coverage of hips, and here "orange-peel" on any volume of hips precisely will not disturb it libido.
• the Cheerful fatty always has big success at the men, rather than embittered lady directing all efforts to dumping some more kgs.
• What size you would not carry, on your category of completeness or leanness there is a man's contingent to which, first of all, likes such young ladies as you.
• Aspire to keep at least about the "a weight category" throughout all life that once it was not necessary to change all: a clothes, the husband, own opinion concerning advantages of leanness or completeness.
• Watching the form, do not forget about the maintenance. Your figure of 44th and 54th size - only a bait. Consider, that the admirer of your forms was already and excited, and here further. As they say, a trick. Whether you own it in a sufficient measure that it to keep?
• If at you in a life all is good, and in sexual including, do not go in cycles in lacks of the figure and do not aspire to eliminate them by all means. As is known, let well alone. Put better accents on the advantages.
Interesting! Not all girls trying to be thin.

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