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Story about Natasha

There have passed some more minutes and Natasha has suggested to continue conversation at Andrey in number. He was surprised to it as, approaching to it, simply wished to chat, however give up such girl it could not and did not want. Young men have risen in number. It was one of the cheapest rooms. From furniture there was a table, some chairs, a case, a coffee table and a bed. Having entered into number, Andrey has gone to phone, wishing to order a supper, but, not having passed and half of room, has heard a silent sobbing. She cried, sitting on a bed, Natasha. There was, that She, has loved of that foreigner, and it's departure was the present shock for she. Andrey has begun to console the new acquaintance, saying, that she will have a love, that ahead still all life, but here Natasha has led it'self even more strange.

- Take me, take me right now! - she has told, suddenly having ceased to cry, - help me, I should forget it - she has attentively looked in eyes to Andrey, and then has lean back back, has laid down in the middle of a bed and has stood.
The young man was confused a little, but nevertheless has bent over she and has kissed on the mouth, then in a neck, in a breast. It covered with kisses each site of it's gentle skin, gradually going down all more low and more low and releasing from clothes it's fine body. So it has removed from it a dress, shoes, stockings and, at last, has reached pink lacy shorts. On pussy girls Andrey has seen an accurate strip of short black hair that seemed to it very erotic. All this time Natasha did not answer caresses of the partner, trying as though to be forgotten under it's kisses but when Andrey has reached her clit, she could not restrain any more and there was silently cry then all more strongly and more strongly, and here she already shouts and coils, as a snake...

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