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Steve's amusing abduction

To him have untied eyes, and he has seen the girl sitting at the wheel. His eyes were sharply approximated from surprise is there was him girlfriend, Liza!

"Greetings, Steve! How are you?"
Now he was in full confusion. It was stolen by it's girl!
"You promise not to shout?"

Steve has nodded as a sign of the consent. Liza has unstuck a sticky tape from a mouth "What line you mmmmm..." - the girl sitting behind quickly has clamped his mouth a hand, having stopped up it's shouts.

"I said to you, that I do not want, that you went to have a rest with these clowns whom you name friends, but you did not begin to listen to me! If you want continuation of our relations, you should learn to do that I will tell! Therefore I also have decided to think up how to take away you on these days off and to learn you to obey me as follows!

Has told girl Liza with a predatory smile on the person, thus it during this moment was extraordinary sexual. She has taken seat to it on knees.

"You can release it!", has told Liza. But as soon as his mouth became free, Liza has there and then clamped it's hand!
"And it is my girlfriends from work which have agreed to help me...", girls have laughed and left the car. They remained one.
"MMMM...", Steve tried to tell something.
"Shhhhhhh..., simply relax...", has told Liza and, not cleaning a hand from a mouth, has started to kiss it.

Now Steve could consider walk on the nature gone, but he felt, that interesting days off are coming it.

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