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Want to visit the most lux hostels in Kiev?

  If you're about to come to Kyiv, you're surely interested in the place of your rest and meeting with girls. It may be either some flat to rent or some previously chosen hotel. If you don't like flats and enjoy the hostel romantic, there are some variants you'd better consider.

  The best way to enjoy your rest in Kyiv is to prefer the hostel which has 4 stars or more. 3 stars Kiev guesthouses and hostels are not so expensive, but you will feel uncomfy there for this is the position where no service is available. All included guesthouses and the ones with some beautiful and modern design are only available by high prices. You have to spend some time to find even some position that will be comfortable and safe and still won't require a lot of money.

  But if you're addicted to comfort and feel ready to pay more to feeling like you're at home or something, you will find places like these in Kiew.

  First you need to visit Hyatt. It's the most expensive still the best guesthouse in the whole city. Hyatt Regency Kiev has five stars in the international hotel system. 234 flats and apartments to each visitor, restaurants and business center, SPA and gym - everything to make your rest excellently comfortable and cozy. You may rest in guesthouse and not leave it - you will definitely find something to do with the great service. And if you need something, some call is enough to ask someone to bring it to you.

  One of the first lux hostels in Kiew was Premier Palace. All the stars and politics stayed there long before Hyatt. Prices are a little lower than ones in Hyatt, but still remember that it's some very expensive calving. The number of rooms is bigger - there are 289 elegant and stylish rooms to rest in. If you have the allergy to something, Premier Palace is the right choice to you - it has some hypoallergenic rooms to those who can suffer from allergy. Hi-tech suites, wedding suites and thematic suites may assure you that you chose the right place to stay in.

  And the last one, but not the worst some is Intercontinental. This calving is right in the center of Kyiv and you can get anywhere from this place in few minutes. Restaurants and services are countless - Intercontinental has a lot to offer you. Suites vary from standard to premium - you should choose the one to yourself. Prices are high, but smart to the visitors who value comfort.

  But remember, staying in calving room alone can be dangerous for your mood. Always call our girls to make you feel much better.

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