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Vagina types

As is known, each person is in many respects individual. Certain uniqueness genitals of people possess also. But all variety and individuality of the sizes and forms of the genitals, them it is possible to divide all into some subgroups.


1. The hospitable mistress. It is a vagina of the big sizes, and the proprietress of such vagina can be and the tiny sizes. The main incorrect opinion that models has very big vagina. Contrary to the developed opinion, men will receive all spectrum of pleasant sensations as the vagina is very elastic from the hospitable mistress and is capable to adapt to constant and frequent "visitor".

2. Deep pussy. Such vagina is located deeply in perineum, far from pubic. As a rule, such women test orgasm only in a pose the man behind as penetration will be deep, only if the man is behind.

3. The shameless person. It is a vagina located in immediate proximity to , in this case sexual lips of the woman stick out through clothes, if it fitting. The woman with such vagina can have sex standing faced to the man, and the member will not slip out.

4. Boundless open spaces. Such happens, if sexual lips at the woman of the big sizes, and distance from a vagina to the big. Such arrangement does not represent any problems, even on the contrary during affinity to become accessible to stimulation by hands.

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