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Kharkov and Lviv are very beautiful cities

  In our article we will talk about some interesting Ukraine cities, including Kharkov and Lviv where you can also find girls. We will try to describe several details regarding their architecture, location and life in them these days. For sure, each Ukrainian town can definitely boast of numerous cultural values. Thus taking a rest in this country, it is possible to fill your personal luggage of impressions by really viewing many cultural and historical attractions and also fell the amazing breath of the history that is depicted in different architectural forms. You should remember that during your trip to Ucraine.

  Let's begin with this fascinating place called Lviv. In fact, it is certainly a place of awesome town festivals, castles and theaters. Besides, it is a capital of chocolate and coffee shops. Only here you are able to stroll through the maze of diverse medieval streets that even saw the presence of kings of Poland and emperors of Austria. And the first mention of this borough can be actually found in the Chronicle in 12th century. You should know that this place was founded by Danylo Galit'skiy and he named it in honor of his son Lev. What is more, the historical center of Lviw is even included in the UNESCO Worl Heritage List. And the entire place of Lviw can be called an open-air museum.


  But now it is time to talk about Kharcov and it's best sights that all of the guests and visitors of this burg can see. Of course, it is one of the largest cities in Ukraine, which is located in the East. However, the true establishment of this burg has certainly started at the times of the famous Cossacks. That is why the borough name clearly comes from the name of one of them - Kharcov. It is interesting that over fifteen years ago Kharkov was a capital of Ucraine. But nowadays it is the major geographical and historical center of the hour capital of this country.

  What about the most interesting sightseeing of this great burg? First we will mention Intercession Cathedral. For sure, it is one of the oldest structures in this town. Besides, it's bell tower actually was built as a part of the defense structure of Kharcov. In addition, the gates of the monastery are really decorated with the image of Edessa. There is also the Assumption Cathedral, which is the oldest Orthodox churches and it also was the highest building in this town. It's temple and bell tower are decorated with chimes. So now you know some facts about such Ukraina cities ad Lviv and Kharkov.

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