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Women adore to kiss

For many this employment is so significant, that with ease replaces sexual intercourse. Many women consider a kiss as more intimate, than oral sex. The prostitutes who are not avoiding any kinds of "earnings", in nine cases from ten refuse to kiss the client even for money. First, because a kiss for them any more work, and pleasure, and for pleasure somehow it is not accepted to take money. And secondly, on representations of "women of easy virtue" to kiss it is possible only with the close and favourite person. So to men to win female heart, it is not necessary to neglect this part of a prelude. It is not pleasant to women, when their preparatory process remains without attention For intimate meetings of the lady usually prepare very carefully. It is bought new (magnificent both under the price, and on appearance) the linen, is imposed a corresponding make-up, gets out a dress, in some cases the supper is made. Also that!? The gentleman as the wild bison, falls upon upon a female body, will sweep away (in literal sense) all from a table, fills up the lady on this table, tears off from it clothes and, smearing lipstick on the person, carries out the intentions. On first time the similar speed, probably, also will descend to it from hands and even somewhere will flatter female vanity. But if through N meetings he and does not find time to notice it's smart linen, most likely it will show it to somebody to another.

If within day the man constantly carps at the lady, swears at it, at it's presence renders attention signs to other women, apparently, he has nothing to count for amazing night. It is difficult to believe in it, but they for some reason count. And at all from nonsense (though very much to that it is similar). The matter is that the man's sexual desire is abstracted from external influences in much bigger degree, rather than the female. Therefore it also it is not clear at times a female demarche "faced to a wall". For a female potentiality day "stresses" can appear fatal, for a long time having upholstered hunting to carnal joys.

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