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Women do not love it (part 2)

Except it during sex you should not see anything, even the favorite sports broadcasts. To avoid a temptation, switch off TV at once, even it is even better - clean it from the bedroom. Italians have counted up, that steams at which is not present in a TV bedroom, at whom he is have sex twice more often, than. Also to what to consider in a mirror the beer stomach or pictures in magazine. Look only at it is means, that you have forgotten about all the rest. Concentrate on softness of it's skin, aroma of it's hair, the passion sounding in it's voice. Do not slobber.

Here it precisely it is not necessary. Certainly, the saliva during sex can be applied as greasing at certain complexities, and it is admissible, but spittles and even salivary bubbles - in whatever cinema for adults you it saw - can discourage for a long time your lady from any contact with you. Do not fall asleep in two seconds after orgasm. women do love it.

Do not run into a collapse right after sex. Certainly, there are physiological reasons why the man feels drowsiness after the love certificate. As at men muscular weight more than at women they get tired earlier. The woman too will feel desire to relax, but hardly later, than the man. Help it with it, simply do not fall asleep to steam of minutes it it is quite possible, add in your relations of romanticism during this moment. You could have sex more than two-five minutes that is normal for physiology of the man. Suffer. You - the stronger sex.

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