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Not such an idle question as can seem at first sight. Female desires are many-sided, indistinct, sometimes have no strict outlines, but, nevertheless, are quite certain and concrete. You will simply notice it not at once. The woman throws a phrase: "I Want, that all was good!", and first you will not understand, that under it all"disappears: a harmonous figure, termless hospitalisation of the harmful chief, the bank account, new shoes... Perhaps, the female consciousness not in a condition to operate with accurate information that is why it is necessary men much working, deciphering our wishes and the latent hints. Especially codes the weaker sex everything, as to sex. For some reason ladies consider inadmissible to declare the intimate preferences openly. Why also suffer also the partner mislead much. So about what the woman wishes to tell, but persistently is silent?... As have shown interrogations, the majority of women prefer soft sex with caresses. And it should be considered to fans of fast "swoops" and short "runnings". It would seem, all know, that females sexuality is not so prompt as man's and on "warming up" it is required to us much more time and attention rather than to men.

For women additional stimulation which, at a man's sight, has no relation to sex is very important. But it in their opinion. We, women, precisely know, how a successful gift, romantic travel, a courageous act, a supper at good restaurant can inflame our desire. All the same the man with a magnificent bouquet and a French perfume in hands somehow has to reciprocity

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