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Story of Escort Damen from Kiew POLINA

How it all began       

My name is Polina, I am 26 years old. I work in Eskort service Kiew now. When I was younger, I worked as a model and advertised lingerie and swimwear. However, the process seemed to me very exhausting and I had to leave it. Those times I have been renting an expensive apartment in the center of Kiew. I got used to luxury and did not want to move to another place, so I decided to find a job that would bring me pleasure and as much income as modeling. So I got into the escort.

Best night for all my experience

Since each man has his own preferences, they all choose some kind of girl more often than others who are also on the site. It was the same with me. From time to time for several months I met a man. He had been in a relationship for several years, but he was not going to make a proposal to get married to his girlfriend. Apparently, he really felt something about her, because we often talked about it and exchanged tips and assumptions. I realized that his lover is very similar to me in appearance and character, however, does not like to have sex too often, so he was ordering me.

But once, when I arrived at his apartment as usual, he said that he broke up with his girlfriend, because he was leaving to work in another country and the relationship would not make sense. And he said to me that he want to have goodbye sex with me too. That night was one of the best. He was a passionate lover more than ever. His hands gently squeezed me, we had sex all night long - in different poses, with toys, we did massage to each other, painted on the skin with sweet cream and much more. That night, he realized how important it is to spend time in the company of beautiful, skillful girls, and I realized that men are attracted not only sex, but also the ability to give themselves, start a conversation, show themselves from the best side and give an unforgettable feeling all night .

 It seemed to me as if this is my first sex in my life, as if I was engaged in it with my first love and this will never happen again. In the morning, when I was going home, he said that it was one of the best nights with Escort Damen in Kiew, best in his life and told me more about his girlfriend and their sex during a relationship. And after half an hour later, when I was driving home, I realized that this was our last meeting. He will go to another country, and he no longer has a girl that I resemble so much.

Men, never be shy about your desires and preferences, because good, regular passionate sex is the key to a good mood, sharp mind, healthy body and self-confidence. And if you have never received such results from a night with a girl, then you can always use the services of Prostituierte Kiew who are ready to make you the happiest person on the planet thanks to their charm and beauty.

Eskort service in Kiew with POLINA


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