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Ukrainian women are more beautiful than the others

Each woman in the world has her own unique beauty. More to say - there are no ugly women in the world, each one of them has her very own charm. But it won't be a lie to say that some of the women are a bit more beautiful than the others. This can be fairly referred to the girls and women from UA. It is an obvious fact that our ladies are the most beautiful in the whole wide world. Most of the them are not just beautiful, they're also very talented. Some of them go into the songwriting or only start singing songs with their incredibly brilliant voices (take, for example, Ani Lorak or Ruslana). Some go into blogging and start really popular fashion blogs where they are sharing their beauty secrets with the thousands of their fans.

Beautiful girls

But what escorts and women are really good at is performing at the beauty contests. One will never find any more precious young ladies in a single place. Of course, the biggest, the widest, the most prestigious beauty contest  is “Miss-Ukraine”. Females from all over the country come to the capital of the country, Kyiv, in order to find our, who's the most beautiful of them. As the establishers of the contest answer to the question, why they've started such a contest, they said: “Nowadays the beauty contests share the common goal - stop the diseases spreading, decrease poverty level in the world and aware people about environment caring and stay tolerant to the many factors that should be tolerated by masses. Without this unique beauty we can do nothing”. A great amount of females who were named “The Ukraine's Beauty Queen” have an incredibly successful career in the modeling business, getting contracts with such famous persons as Karl Lagerfeld, Jean Paul Gaultier and John Galliano. Girls also get the tickets to the “haute couture” world and contracts with famous model and fashion agencies as Elite Models, Women and many others.

Ukrainian girl from Elite model agency

One can see how popular beautiful girls become when they come to the movie set. Just take a look at Olga Kurylenko, hit-star of such blockbusters as “Quantum of Solace”, “Max Payne” and “Seven Psychopaths”. Olga is a great example of an ideal success story for the lady from our country, who's beautiful just like many other teens from the independent Kiev. And every of them gains becomes successful and has a beautiful career, just like her, precious UA-girl.

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