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Why are some women not enjoying sex?

  Ukrainian girls often suffer from not enjoying sex the way men do. This is sad but true: nearly 30% of Ukrainian women do not know what orgasm really is, and this number is big and disappointing. They can have regular sex life but they don't enjoy it and don't know how to make things work. Some of ladies are in real danger. Did you know that constant dissatisfaction about your sex leads to hating it? So think about it - if you do not get good orgasm, it can be quite dangerous. It's bad when girls don't think about ways to change everything in daily life, but they try to change something when their friends tell about hot orgasms they have. If you feel nothing in bed - it's not good and this should be changed. We have some reasons for you not to have orgasm if you're looking for them.

not enjoying sex

  Your man can be the main reason of orgasms missing. Really men can behave rude and inattentive in bed. If your husband or boyfriend is not thinking about you and tries to satisfy himself first, don't even wonder why you're not feeling the best possible way - it's understandable. Think of changing him or you can never feel what orgasm is. And if you don't want to look for the other man, you should try to talk to him and tell how you feel about the way of his behavior - maybe this will work.

  Heard one of your friends talking negatively about sex? Don't believe them or try not to listen (the last thing will be even better). This leaves a mark, and even if you don't agree with your friends, you will think about it constantly. Better believe it, cause you really will. And this will spoil your orgasms easily - the best way not to get to your destination point is thinking about anything.

  The most hard thing to work with is when you were raped. This needs a help from psychiatrist, so don't be afraid and don't hesitate to visit specialist. Also you need a help if you feel some ache in process of making love - this can easily turn out to be an infection. Sex shouldn't hurt at all if everything's ok - it should bring you pleasure.

  You want to make it better? It's easy. Never think during sex. Try some vaginal gymnastics. Try to relax and love yourself - this will help you to get acquainted with your body. And never think badly of sex - it's something that can make your life much better.

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