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It was really hot and funny journey, I was really happy!

  It was my first trip outside Ukraine escort with my client. I traveled a lot with my friends earlier, but mainly didn't leave the borders of my home country, and now I was sitting in the airport, worrying about how everything would happen. If not Charlie, I wouldn't agree traveling abroad, because the fear was stronger than desire to have some furlough. But Charlie often ordered my appearance in his hotel suite, and I was quite acquainted with him till the moment we were going to take a flight to Egypt together.

  Next we were sitting close to every of us in the plane. He took his friend and one more girl with us, so I knew the holiday was going to be really hot and funny. I don't mind when my costumers take the another girl, because we are always from one agency, and know every of us. So being with extra girl in Egypt meant that I am going to have a friend there. Someone to talk to, when men are busy with every of us, their business or other things to do.

  That's how it went in the end - furlough was nearly spoiled by countless efforts taken by Charlie's business partners to get him back to work. Of course, he found time for us, but most of the days we were hanging around Hurghada with my colleague, visited some bars and shops. In the evening we went back to hotel and spent time there with our costumers. Charley and his friend Rob were friendly and let us spend the day the way we wanted, because they were too busy to spend it with us and didn't want to spoil our vacation. But last three days were just brilliant. We were all together from dusk till dawn, we spent times in clubs and bars, went to see the pyramids and other Egyptian wonders.

  Our trip was really interesting and eventful. Three days of excursions, clubs, restaurants and sea. We enjoyed bathing in the sea as much, as staying in the hotel suite, but we tried to combine it all together to get a perfect mix of sex, tan, sea and entertainment. By the way, never minding the age, Charley and Rob were so cheerful people, that I gladly enjoyed dancing in clubs with them. Sex was beautiful too - we tried so many different ways to love each other for these days, that by the end of vacation our bodies were really exhausted.

 Would I like to travel some more with my clients? Definitely! I love being abroad, and now I don't really seem to be afraid of someone doing something wrong with me. So I'd love to travel to the places I've never been before to promise one hot and sensual vacation to each one of my lovely clients.


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