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Now it's my favorite thing - to spend a night with couples

  If you ever wondered how it feels to be successful - such as the way I felt when I was asked to spend a night with costumer on the first day of my working as an escort girl. Success came suddenly - I was precautioned about each new girl can wait to her first costumer for weeks. But I didn't have to wait - when I went back home from agency after submitting my photos, my agent called me and told I have my first client. It was surprising but still very nice to have someone waiting at me what exact night I was submitted to the site. I was wondering why this man chose me, but agent told me - it's better not to ask too many questions, so I decided as a constant what he wanted someone new and just clicked through all the new girls in agency. I have not the worst photos, so it was obvious about I will have a lot of clients.

  I knew about my client's name was Keith, but I didn't know - he's going to wait to me with his wife. I am ok with having sex with couples, but I guess I needed to be more ready to this. I was going to greet my client and have intimacy with him, but instead of that I was going to meet his wife Karen, talk to this girl and try to seduce both of them. And then Keith told me that he wasn't the one who chose me, and it was Karen who liked me and wanted to spend night with me. Strange, but I was a bit pleased with this fact and it helped me to get relaxed and find my way to please Karen. She was really beautiful, though in her middle 30-s, but very stylishly looking and good dressed. In the end it didn't matter, because in an hour three of us were having nothing on them. I had threesomes before in my private life, but in my working life it was the first time I ever got to bed with a man and his wife. My inner voice told me that it won't be something I will be really fond of, but suddenly it ended up well with me satisfied and the couple satisfied either.

  We had some extra time after sex and we used it for having a little talk with wine and dances. I found out that Keith loves striptease and visit's stripclubs on a regular basis, and Karen never tried to dance to him because she doesn't know how. So I tried to teach her how to relax and move beautifully, losing her clothes one by one. She was a good pupil and moved really sexy, so when I felt like it was the time to leave to me, I picked my things and left them one for each other. I guess I made their sex life a bit better, and it was a great evening to me.


having sex with couples

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