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I like to try something new with my clients, for exmaple watching football instead of sex

  The trouble with men is they never really know what they want. If a male calls you out, you have to decide where to go and what to do - nearly all the time. Situation gets even harder when you're a call girl and your client doesn't know what he wants to do with you. Some of men get escort ladies just for fun or to try something new, something they never tried before. And that complicates everything - you have to think of a way to get your client satisfied if you want him to ask to your company again. So we are not only prostitutes, but entertainers for a great bit. Sometimes men call for escort to join them in minutes of sadness or loneliness, sometimes they want some horny sex or just a way of loving they never even knew about before. But whatever it is, you always have to find out earlier than the gentleman is way too tired of figuring out.

  In my working practice as Kiev escort girl I have met a person who didn't know what he wanted at all. He just ordered a random prostitute from our agency and asked her to come as soon as it is possible. I was the only free girl that evening, so it was obvious what it was going to be me who was coming to his hotel room. I didn't mind because I had no clients about a week already, so I quickly got ready and in two hours I was knocking on Jim's door. He greeted me and offered something to eat - he could order anything I want from hotel's restaurant. But suddenly I felt like I needed to stop this and do something else. The thing is, I didn't know what to do. When I asked Jim why did he wanted me to come and should I perform something sexy without wasting too much time, he just told what he wanted a call girl, but he doesn't know exactly about what. Well, that's not a most terrible thing to happen - at least he was easy-going.

  So we ordered some dishes and I tried to find out if he's a fan of anything in bed. And suddenly Jim told me that he would like to watch football with me. It was a game this night, and he didn't want to miss it. Okay, no hesitation from my side, we ordered some beer and stuff to eat with it and watched football. I wasn't quite a fan, so I asked Jim about everything and he gladly shared what he knew on this topic. It was kind of strange - drinking beer with a male you're supposed to having fun with, but looking at Jim anyone could easily say what this exact moment he was really happy and spending his time the best possible way. And this was my job at such night - to make one of the men in the world feel a little better.

  I loved spending time with Jim, and when we exchanged our goodbyes he didn't even say a word about missing sex. We really had no sex, but this was not a reason to Jim to be dissatisfied. He enjoyed spending time together, and as far as I know, he is about to order me at the next time he feels lonely or something.

  Models from our agency really know what to do with men. Even if men don't know what to do with themselves and with girls they ordered to spend an evening or a night with. So if you want to hang out and don't know what exactly would you like to do, call us and we'll definitely think of something interesting.


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