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Doing group sex in Montenegro - it was just perfect journey!

  If you are looking for Ukrainian escort girls about what part of her job she is most afraid of, you'd hear different answers, but mine would be “Couples”. I really get afraid every time my agent tells me to visit someone who would like to have a group sex. Group sex is okay, but when you do what you often have to deal with the jealous girlfriend your client brings. Men always seem to believe women when they tell they are ready to visit an escort lady together, but it is always a mistake, because women are never ready to share. Well, I thought it way until my last tour with client Or clients?

  Howard - or Howie, as he asked to call himself - was a great man and I met him many times before, but when he asked me to travel to Montenegro with his girlfriend Jenny, I couldn't believe it. I told him several times what doing group sex is possible to me, but I'm not really into that because of worrying to the ladies men take with them. But little did I know, that it whole thing was the part of Howard's plan to make me not afraid of it part of work.

  I loved how they look from the first moment I saw them. They looked like a couple, I mean, real one. And I couldn't imagine how I fit into their holiday - they should probably get a family one. But from the moment we got to our hotel everything I thought of was ruined - Jenny and Howie were just hungry to feeling funny, sexy and young. In fact, they were young - Jenny was about 29 when Howy just turned 37 as I knew.

  What surprised me the most was the way Jenny felt of me - with no shade of jealousy. Also she didn't treat me like an escort girl - no, we were ok with each other, like two good old friends going for shopping and chatting about men. With the only difference - every night we made a hot lesbi show for Howy. Howie enjoyed what he saw and asked us to love each other a little more intense before he joined us. I never thought that group sex would be so easy and fun. All days long we had a great opportunity to see Montenegro, to visit every single excursion we want (Howard asked me and Jenna to educate ourselves while he was having some time for solving business problems), and we used this opportunity to the fullest.

  Howard reached his goal - now I am not even the slightest way afraid of going to have a tour or having a night with couple. If only I could knew that all my clients with their girls would be this hot as Jenna and Howie were! I will never forget this trip to Montenegro and the list of feelings these two gave me.


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