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Abou Marta's sex vacation to Malaysia

I always wanted to have a client so beautiful, what I'd hardly resist falling in love with. No, every of the men I'm spending time with are handsome and very interesting, each one in his own way. But falling in love isn't easy, and I was really wondering could I find what certain someone. Just out of curiosity. And my sex trip to Malaysia with my client Olaf showed me what everything is possible, if you have the desire to test your luck. I tested mine.

I met Olaf in the airport, ready to get up in the air with him and share his sex vacation. I was beautifully, but modestly dressed, because I like comfortable flights. And I guess, what was the thing which turned Olaph on - me looking like a secretary or teacher, I mean, that same teacher who walked out of men's dreams. One way or another, he simply wouldn't let me go and he was holding me every the time during the flight.

But only when I stopped shaking and got calm in the hotel room, I could look to Olaph and see how beautiful he is. And he was really damn beautiful, the real Swedish man, who looked like a modern Viking, but with a great taste and style.

By the end of the day I knew, that this will be a vacation I remember to the long time. Olaph asked me if I have a desire to make some of his fantasies come true, and I couldn't say no, I simply waited to them to be normal for me. And they were - every that Olaf wanted was me, but just in different roles and dresses. We played spies, teacher and pupil, I even got a nurse outfit to try it to him, because he said he can't stand nurses, and they are every ugly and evil. I proved him wrong, and I was fabulous nurse - all good-looking and very, very kind. I loved how Olaph just gave up and started laughing - with the good and kind laughter. And I knew he liked what I did to him, and he will treat nurses better now, remembering my outfit and what we did when I wore it.

Of course, except the bed part of the sex tour, we also had our tourist experience. No one of us has ever been to Malaysia, so we enjoyed excursions, spent time on the coast, swimming and tanning, and shopped for souvenirs - to say honestly, Olaf was my first client who really liked shopping for souvenirs with me, because others were just not into shopping at all. We shared every day of this trip and he didn't work at all. At the end I didn't want him to leave, but stopped with being a professional. And yes, destiny proved me that there are clients worth falling in love with. Easily.


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