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I am very classy lady and so I am famous between gentlemen in Kiev...

  Every woman knows what men want to see the woman in their living room and whore in the bedroom. Fortunately or not, my profession involves only the last feature, but I always thought what escort girls sometimes have the possibility - and the need! - to be classy.

  But still, I never had the opportunity to behave like it. Even my profile says about I'm a very classy lady, but I waited at the right time to come. And it came. My most recent client, Antony, was the person who is into everything elegant - I could tell it before even seeing him alive, because the fact of the room he ordered for our meeting was more than enough. To me, educated lady with the great manners, meeting a man like this meant what I will have the possibility to ave a really elegant sex. Well, I couldn't miss it!

  To impress Anthony, I wore beautiful long evening gown for or date, but nearly no underwear underneath it. It combined both sides of me - classy lady and escort female. I was up to his room in two minutes, looking gorgeous, but acting very modest. I entered the door and was fully under Antony's charms, he looked like a real gentleman wearing the costume. We had a talk with Martini for half an hour and didn't lose any time - we only had one hour with a half left. I wondered if Antony is the same classy in the bed as he was outside of it, so I had an opportunity to find out. We were going to bed slowly, paying a great lot of attention to caressing each other. For one moment I thought about he is a little shy, but then found out it was nothing more than a game of passion. But I have to confess, Anthonny was a big player, terrific one. He made love to me passionately yet very tenderly.

  He was a great lover - I never thought I will find one who will combine the special and unique way of being great in bed and smart outside it. But everything ended when our time ran out and Anthony was going back to his office make some business talks. He told me what sometimes he has to work at night and he got used to it, but he is still not married because not a single woman is ready to become a wife of the man who's already married to his work. After that we shared a cigarette - pleasant fact that he was not against my smoking - and hugged each other. I don't know if I have some extra possibility to see Anthony again, but the way he talked to me, the way he was acting with me gave me a chance to believe that gentlemen exist and sometimes even an escort girl is able to act like a lady.


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