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Christopher wants to make love with prostitute, and exactly with Nordic girl. But he was mistaken...

  What if you bought something and made on order to salesman to put it in a box? And then, when you came home, you realized about this was not exactly what you wanted? For example, you wanted to buy a red shirt and salesman put a blue one in your package. This is not devastating, but you can feel a little sad or highly disappointed. It mostly depends on what type of person you are. The same situation happens when our clients find out what the girl they asked aisn't the one they wanted. This happens rarely and always at a reason - sometimes they forget a girl's name and ask to different one, sometimes they look only to one or two photos and don't really realize the whole way how the girl looks. I was caught in one of those accidents, and I really found a way out of it - and it was elegant I think.

  So, I was woken up in the morning by the call of my agent. 7AM, don't know what kind of person would want to make love with prostitute by this time? Especially on Tuesday. But client's will is the main one, so I went to shower without hesitation. In a few hours Christopher greeted me in his hotel room. But the way he greeted me was kind of cold, so I tried to think of a single reason, why my new client can be dissatisfied. I ended up with nothing, so decided to ask directly. Christopher kept silence at few minutes, and then told me what he saw only one professional photo of me on the main page of our web-site and it was enough to  him to become eager to more. He didn't want to spend more time in photogallery, so he noted my name and called to agency to make his order.

  Manager of Kiev-tour Ukraine escort agency didn't hesitate to take his order and here was me, standing in front of Christopher, all dressed up and ready to make love with him. And - not exactly what he wanted, as he said on his own. I didn't know what to do at few minutes. I was speechless and numb, and then a thought came to my head - the one what could save everything. I wanted to ask Christopher what exactly he doesn't like about me. He told what he imagined me as a Nordic blonde, some kind of Ice Queen - I looked this way on my profile photo on the main page of site. But still, if only Christopher could look through my page he would see different photos, and one of them would show me as I really am. But he had no time for this, and this was the thing which failed his attempt to meet the girl of his dreams.

  Still I wanted to figure out what Christopher really wants and what he needs to see in ladies he wants to sleep with. Is this a Snow Queen who should be by his side or someone else he would like to see? Then I decided what should I do - become a really steely lady who leaves no chances to survive her sexual fantasies. And I became such lady for Christopher only. At beginning he wasn't so into me and tried to find out if I was playing. But well, I am a good actress, so he wouldn't even know it - I left it as my secret. He wanted a cold-hearted mistress and he had such lady - who cares about the color of the hair that was not as white as Christopher thought on the very beginning?

  Do I have to tell that I left him satisfied? I always do.


Uninhibited lady from Kiew

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