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My desire for sex with Patrick was so great...

  If you're interested why did I choose the work of an escort female in my 19, I can't give you a clear answer. Maybe it's the desire for sex, maybe it's an interest for men and meeting new people. One way or another, I always wanted to be someone different, and here I am, newbie to escort services and I feel good of it. My prime costumer was the person I can't forget it, so I am going to tell about my impressions.

  First intimacy in escort profession is always something quite impressive. You try to be likable and to find yourself a regular costumer from the very first time, and client is always interested how do you feel yourself when working at the first time and stuff. But what happened to me was very unusual. I knew from the very first moment what this client is going to be special and so he is definitely interested in me. And it was true. Patrik loved young ladies, though he was not old himself - only 30 years old. He loved me - I look a lot younger than I really am and wanted me to act like a schoolgirl. I was a schoolgirl not so long ago, so it wasn't hard to  me to act like that.

  Too pity he didn't tell me about his special prefers in intimacy before we met so I could find a uniform somewhere, but even without it I was pretty natural in my schoolgirl role. I wondered why do Patrik loves women like these, but all the questions fade away when it came to bed. We were getting there at such a long time, trying to be sweet to each other but the roughness was always there. So when we got to the bed finally, I decided to let it go and let Patrik have the roughest intimacy with the school girl he desired at so long. And damn, it was so perfect! When you think of your work as an escort girl, you're not really thinking about this  sometimes you will meet men like Patrick - passionate, crazy and sexy, the men who will drive you wild and leave you eager for more.

  One way or another, I was mistaken. After sex it was all over, and Patrick suddenly became the simplest man with his hurry to go home or to his rented flat. He was trying to say goodbye to me very quickly, and I wondered why. But in the same way as I knew about he was going to love me, I knew now what he isn't going to become one of my regular clients. And that was sad, because deeply in my soul I really prefered Patrick for the way he made sex to me. And I wanted more. But sometimes clients really surprise us, and Patrick was one of those surprises.


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