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The Euro 2012 in Kiev

Yes! We actually did it. Our country together with Poland will be hosting Euro 2012. Specialists state that this fact will result in amazing profit's to both countries. Some analysts even name the figures as high as 3 billion Dollars.

EURO 2012 Kiev

Euro 2012 Kiev will also help to bring the prestige to East European countries which historically made little mark in international competitions. It is going to be the huge sportive event after that time when Kiev hosted Moscow Olympics 1980.
If you actually wish to attend this sportive event, I have good news for you. UEFA has started the Euro 2012 tickets resale platform for those people who wish to buy tickets from ticket owners who won them in the lottery. It is the unique authorized place for selling tickets. So, you are not supposed to buy tickets from any other sources. It might be a fraud.
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