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Ukraine a cradle of ancient traditions

Ukraine is located between Asia and Europe. And that is why much of it's national heritage involves Eastern and Western influences. Nowadays culture is divided between strong European and Russian influences. And that makes our country even more diverse and attractive. If you find yourself in our vast country, there will be attractions to keep your feet and mind busy.

The culture of Ukraine is embedded in very old traditions. Even today we have many historical reminders like songs, fairy-tales and so on.

The Ukrainian people praise their culture in the form of national dances and games. Many of them originated in Cossack villages. Mostly these dances and old games are popular among Ukrainian dance troupes.

And do you know that the custom of the Easter egg was born in the Ukraine. Eggs were drawn to create different patterns. Many local people still believe that egg has enormous power and liberates the earth from the winter. Even the patterns have own meaning.  Eggs are often presented to friends and relatives or used as decorations.

Ukrainian people know how to have fun, so we celebrate Easter, New Years, Ivana Kupala and so on. Some of the holidays are celebrated world wide. But some of the holidays are purely Ukrainian. Our culture is very thrilling and the best way to learn more is to make a trip to the country and learn from the locals. And the advice for a lonely foreigner will be: use the services of Ukraine escort girls. These ladies are very smart, well-bred, sweet and nice-looking. Only local women know how to show all the delights of their dear country. Together with your companion you will have an opportunity to taste the Ukrainian cuisine, to see the remarkable spots and to have fun in the night-clubs, restaurants, pubs and cafes. This trip is going to be a memorable experience.

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