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Ukraine visa requirements

Fortunately Ukraine has never been on the list of countries with problematic procedure of visa obtainment. Ukraine visa should or should not be obtained depending on the country from where you come.

Anyway even if you know that you have to pass for Ukraine visa don't be upset, because in our country this process is very different from all the problematic ones. You won't have to spend that much time in an embassy begging to get an allowance for entering Ukraine. In some cases you only need your passport and it's enough.

The citizens of many countries are free to come to Ukraine on a term from 90 to 180 days without obtaining visa. The list is long enough but here us some names: if you are a citizen of Monaco, Austria, Greece, Germany, Unites states, Italy, Japan etc. so if you are going to Ukraine from those countries listed above, you can enter without a visa (but don't forget your passport) and stay here from 90 to 180 days.

But if your plans are to stay in Ukraine for more than 180 days, you have to get some headache with visa obtainment - it's very important and you should be very careful to follow the law. Remember that 180 days isn't always 6 months so get a calendar and count the days not to get into a trouble.

There are some exceptions for some countries, such as New Zealand and Australia - the citizens from these places have to get a visa independently from the term they are going to stay.

The counting-days-thing is very important. Because if you use an airplane to enter the country you'll have to pass a passport control in Boryspil airport. And if you've stayed in Ukraine for more than 90 days within the previous 180 days, you might not be allowed to enter the country.

But this problem can be decreased if you use land transport to pass the boarder of our country - there is a place near Lviv where the control takes place.

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