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Ukraine currency

Ukraine is a very popular country of the world. It's known because of numerous features - it's history, scandal politics and of course charming ladies. Escort Kiev is a very well know service among the men who enjoy spending terrific time with very sexy and outgoing Slavic ladies.

But when men have to come to Ukraina they get a lot of various questions about the country - what about the currency, visas, people, traditions and so on.

If you are going to visit Ukraine you have to be  aware of several facts concerning the country's currency. First of all - the national currency is called hryvnya. It is used everywhere in the country. It's well spread and you'll have no problems if you want to pay for something with hryvnja.

This currency was established in Ukraina in 1996. That was the time when we were declared independent from the old soviet union. At that time hryvnia started functioning again - as it was in the times of Kyiv Rus - the very ancient country that existed on the modern land of Ukraine.

One hryvnia is divided into 100 kopiyok. The prices are indicated in the both equivalents. But if you come to Ukraine with your own currency that is not a problem at all!

First of all it's very easy to exchange foreign currency in Ukraine. You can visit any bank and do the exchange there if you like the rate. you can search for an attractive exchange rate among the independent kiosk where you can also buy hryvnias for the money you've brought with you.

If you go to a night club with your sophisticated Kiev courtesan you can use euros or dollars there, too. Everything you have to do is to tell the barman that this is the only money you have. He'll agree pleasantly to sell you goods. but in the cafes and shops of course you have to pay with national currency. The way to get it is described above.


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