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Your first impression of Kiew will be the best

  I think that your first impression of Kiev - the capital of Ukraine is actually bound to be one of surprise. That cradle of all that is definitely Russian, this receptacle of the wealth, this amazing paradise of crooked gangsters and politicians, but it is so beautiful just at the same time. It is especially the truth, if you see this city in summer, because Kiev will certainly entice you the first moment you gaze upon it's numerous golden domes that light up such a leafy and picturesque banks of Dnipro.

  In fact, original settlers of Kiev have chosen this place more than 1500 years ago and only because of it's natural beauty. Only here you are able to see various architectural mixes with flashy office buildings, Soviet monumentalism, and statues glorify characters, for example such as Lenin, Lesi Ukrainka and Lobanovsky. There are many different reasons why you should to visit Kiew and Kiev escort girls are one of them.

  For sure, there is a slight tinge of truth to these popular gangsters' stereotypes, because anybody who is just anybody in that often shady world of businessmen of this country usually maintains a good private apartment or even few in this town. Besides, late-model BMWs and very aggressive drivers are the norm here. But smiles can obviously seem in short supply.

should to visit Kiew

  However, trees, churches, parks and architecture certainly have a way of making up for all this. There are numerous interesting places that you can choose to visit. It is advised to check out the mummified monks of the Lavra, go to see this beautiful street called Andriyivsky uzviz. But it is necessary to leave some time to really join the local crowds that are just drinking in the atmosphere. You can wander through suburbs and Dnipro. It is possible to lay on the city beaches in summer.

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